Using TikTok to increase the number of subscribers on YouTube.

Using TikTok to increase the number of subscribers on YouTube.

Recently, more and more people are starting YouTube. The impact of the new Corona is that the amount is reduced opportunities to go to school and work, and time at home longer. It’s really fun to share your hobbies and strengths with SNS such as YouTube, and getting them to identify with them. Some people try to monetize the channel extending it. However, the difficulty with YouTube is that even if you start YouTube, the number of visitors and subscribers will not increase so easily. So this time we focus on TikTok, anyone can start and easily register for free. We introduce how to use TikTok, which is a powerful weapon to increase the number of visits and registered users, even for a YouTuber emerging.

Why YouTuber Should Focus on TikTok:

TikTok both are services like YouTube where users can freely publish videos and see and enjoy one another. However, there are many small differences even with the same video distribution service of the type of user participation. That’s why you should concentrate on TikTok. Let’s look at each.

YouTube video time and TikTok:

The first difference between YouTube and TikTok is the duration of the video. There is a difference between when you can post a video on YouTube and when you can post a video on TikTok. YouTube lets you post a long video up to several hours while TikTok only allowed to publish a video of 15 seconds to a maximum of 1 minute. When you want to watch YouTube, you need some time, but you can imagine that TikTok has seen in a small interval of time, like when you’re waiting for a signal or when you’re working in the bathroom. In other words, compared with YouTube, TikTok has a higher frequency (contact points) content viewing. Since there are many points of contact with the contents, there is an opportunity for more people to see.

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If YouTube is the main part of a movie, TikTok is like a breakthrough. It is more reasonable than the movie trailers, not only theaters that can be seen only in theaters but also the trailers on TV and online ads have more opportunities to come into contact. If you cannot attract people in just a few tens of seconds, you actually cannot see the main story. If you can edit the contents taken to YouTube to the TikTok scale and encourage the inflow, such as “Continue to YouTube” naturally you will be seen on the channel. Promote your videos on TikTok and interests your YouTube channel.

Anyone can buzz in the recommended TikTok section:

The second major difference is the existence of recommended columns. When you start YouTube, the last recorded video channel and video classification augmentation are placed in the most remarkable position. On the other hand, TikTok always shows the recommendations section for any user after the ad is displayed when the application starts. Of course, YouTube also has a column called “Recommended for you”, but basically is a video of the last channel that the user has registered. On the other hand, there are two types of videos that are shown in the recommendations section of TikTok: videos that are of great interest to users or videos that are very recent. Sometimes, TikTok does not like comments, and sometimes publishes videos that have never interested me in the recommendations section.

 Using TikTok to increase the number of subscribers on YouTube.

This happens for videos that have just been published. Whenever any user has posted a video, they have the opportunity to make recommendations regardless of quality. YouTube has the advantage that people who have already subscribed to the channel have a fixed content to see while TikTok has a fair element and pioneer because there is a section of recommendations. Have you ever started TikTok and closed the app after seeing only the recommended fields? You can see that the column recommendation does not mean “Registering YouTube channel  TikTok follow. Therefore, we say that YouTube is a platform to enjoy people while TikTok is a platform to enjoy “content.

YouTube wants to see the owner of the channel, but TikTok is trying to find interesting content. In other words, TikTok has the opportunity to buzz if someone can create interesting content and may change the popularity ranking.

The user interface is easy to increase TikTok subscribers YouTube:

The third reason YouTubers should focus on TikTok is the user interface of the TikTok application. UI is short for User Interface and, in short, means the ease of use of applications and smartphones. the user interface TikTok is easy to make the transition to another application. For example, if only you can attach an external URL link to the Instagram profile field, TikTok Allows you to set settings to link Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter by default. With this configuration, anyone interested in posting your video TikTok can access your YouTube channel with only two touches.

Sure you have a YouTube account link in your profile TikTok, where everyone has the opportunity to talk alike and keep people interested in it.

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