Let's compare, everyone's use of Instagram and Facebook.

Let’s compare, everyone’s use of Instagram and Facebook.

Instagram and Facebook. These two Social Media are linked to each other. In the first place, these two Social Media are linked when you buy advertisement frames, and it is possible to develop with the same budget. These two dissimilar social networks are the mainstream social media of the present era. So, how are these two media used in corporate promotion?

One is simultaneous deployment.

If you decide to put the two Social Media in the position of being notified of owned media, you can spread the news Updated article to both media and send it to each fan base.

However, this usage is a passive tactic, and it is almost the same as the method of playing TV commercials on True View or TV in train.

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Normally, it would be more effective to change the creative according to the difference in the user group with whom we contact. However, this is because the production cost is reduced in consideration of the marketing budget that can be spent there.

But what if they have different content? Here, I would like to analyze with reference to Mount Rainier, a beverage.

As you can see by comparing the two, the content of the post is almost the same. However, if you look closely, the Instagram side of the manuscript is described as just a little short.

Let's compare, everyone's use of Instagram and Facebook.

In addition, we are also arranging images using the grid, and you can see that although we are transmitting similar information, we are arranging the size according to the medium. In addition, there is a big difference in the reply policy, and while Instagram generates light reactions and engagements of our customers, Facebook provides quite detailed aftercare.

It is thought that the main thing that sends and reacts information is Facebook, and the intuitive work is done by Instagram. In other words, the main marketing is Facebook.

Facebook still dominates when it comes to its user base with 1.71 billion (yes, a billion) active users. They also report that the average US consumer spends 40 minutes a day there. Here are some key Facebook features for personal or commercial use.

Instagram is all about capturing moments. Here, users interact with their accounts in a very different way than on Facebook.

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